Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cotto vs Margarito II Catchweight will be 153 lbs

The deal was sealed and the catchweight for the Cotto vs Margarito rematch will be at 153 pounds (lbs). This was announced by Antonio Margarito (38-7, 27 KOs) Sergio Diaz. Antonio Margarito will face Miguel Cotto on December 3, 2011 for the WBA 154-pound Champion at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

There were issues in the last few days because Miguel Cotto’s camp wants that the catch-weight is 150 pounds and also there will be a second weigh-in on the day of the fight.

But the deal is sealed and the fight is going to happen on December 3. Cotto’s camp agreed to the 153 pounds catch-weight where it is only a pound lower below the junior middleweight limit. There is no additional weight-in on the day of the fight.

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